At an Indian youth conference, Sindhis celebrate their culture

NZICA organizes a youth conference

The New Zealand Indian Central Association organized a youth conference at the Mahatma Gandhi Centre in Auckland on November 25th. Around 200 participants from across the country attended the event.

“This was the biggest event ever, and we will have more of these in the future,” said Narendra Bhana, president of the association.

The conference aimed to address crucial issues related to the well-being of youth in the Indian community.

Simran Kaur, Jazz Thornton and members from Indian Origin Pride New Zealand led discussions at the conference.

The Sindhi community celebrating the Sindhi Cultural Day in Auckland on 16 December. Photo: Supplied

Sindhi Cultural Day celebrated in Auckland

Sindhi Sangat New Zealand organized Sindhi Cultural Day in Auckland on 16 December. More than 20 families came together to share their rich Sindhi heritage, showcasing the beauty of Sindhi traditions, music and food.

Dressed in traditional attire, including colorful Ajrak, shawls and Sindhi caps, the community presented a vibrant tableau of their cultural pride.

“Beyond the festivities, the event served as a significant platform to highlight the importance of the historic Indus Valley civilization, which flourished in Sindh (modern-day Pakistan) thousands of years ago,” said Umair Memon, president of Sindhi Sangat New Zealand. “This day is a vital event for our community to connect with our roots and share our heritage with others.”

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